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Since 1994 our company has been using state-of-the-art telecom technologies and upgraded software environments to design, develop and operate advanced Internet systems that integrate securely Internet of Things components (IoT) with Cloud Computing services.
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Near Field Communication (NFC) cards and bracelets are used by legitimid.com to certify users' data. Based on the NFC forum specifications, cards contain web site links which embed users' unique and unpredictable identifiers.

The addressed web system extracts and displays card identification data from databases. This way, only current and custom data are presented to the requesting user (data are filtered by user's type. e.g. public or authenticated).

An equivalent Quick Response (QR) code is printed on the face of the card for convenience. QR code are useful for smartphones or tablets that are not NFC enabled.

NFC custom readers usage allows development of specific applications which provides additional facilities for authenticated users and are compatible with mobile terminals (NFC enabled smartphones or tablets) for the public environment.

The picture below illustrates the use of a NFC bluetooth custom reader with a Windows 10 tablet which is running a specific card application. The image of the card on the screen is complemented with current and context data in concordance with the card scanned by the reader.

This type of NFC personalized readers are built by Online Services Ltd. company.

"Healthcare Staff in the National Transplant Program uses real-time online certification of their cards to increase patient confidence." Prof. Radu DEAC - Romanian Agency for Transplant <link to ANT>

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Online Services® Ltd. is a private company founded in 1994, registered in the Romanian Trade Register under number J10/523/1994. The main activity is to develop custom software and systems, as well as research and development in natural sciences and engineering.

Our software systems are built by integrating components in various developent languages (e.g. SQL, C#, Java, C++, ASM, HTML, XML), various operating systems (Linux, Windows, IOS, Android) and hardware components from embeded low power systems to powerfull servers.
Collaboration between partners is the key to success. Modern systems operated over the modern Internet public networks are so complex that the competence of a medium-small company is just a part of the whole picture. Online Services Ltd. company specializes in designing, developing and collaborating with contractual partners to implement and operate required Internet systems.
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